Anti Aging Stem Cells

Stem Cells have great potential in developing into different kinds of cells that rejuvenate and grow into new cells, working as a regenerative and repairing system in the area applied. Applying 10 million of these cells on the skin repairs scar tissue, and makes it stronger and thicker.

Playa Surgery Center is the only clinical center that offers an anti-aging treatment with Stem Cells. This exclusive treatment is done by experts in the field, certified and experienced in the area of Stem Cell application.

Some of the benefits of Anti-aging Stem Cells:

  • Energy Level boosts
  • Skin smoothens
  • Sleeping and Breathing improve
  • Age spots fade or even disappear
  • Closes pores

Anti-aging Stem Cells in Cancun Mexico: Step-by-Step

Before the treatment starts the Doctor will make marks on the areas where the Anti-aging Stem Cells will be injected. 

During the procedure, the Stem Cells will be injected into the designated areas with a small needle. Anesthesia is not needed or required, since people who undergo this treatment only feel minor discomfort at most. 

Anti-aging Stem Cells Recovery

After the procedure, avoid extreme sun exposure for at least two weeks days. During the recovery time take care of the treated area by using sunscreen every three hours, and using hats and sunglasses when exposed to the sun.

Stem cell therapy focused on anti-aging. It involves taking mesenchymal stem cells located in the abdominal fat and go under a specially designed process to then be infused into the body where they will get back to work repairing and energizing the tissue.